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Some people are surprised to learn that alimony is still common, particularly in a world with dual income households and where many women not only support themselves but may also be the breadwinner. If one spouse has lived as a dependent of the other, alimony may be paid by the supporting spouse.

Alimony is the payment of an amount to a spouse for his or her maintenance and support. Post-separation support is the payment of an amount for a period of time set by the court until an alimony order is entered or an alimony claim is denied/dismissed or until the divorce judgment is entered if no alimony claim is pending.

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Guidance on Alimony and Spousal Support in Raleigh

Factors unique to an individual marriage and particular circumstances of the parties to a divorce will help determine whether alimony is appropriate — and in what amounts. Unlike some other states, North Carolina does not have alimony guidelines or a formula. The determination of alimony terms is at the discretion of the court.

In order to receive alimony, the spouse seeking alimony must show that:

  • He or she is the dependent spouse
  • The other party is the supporting spouse
  • The supporting spouse has the ability to pay alimony

Once these three factors have been established, certain marital misconduct can be taken into consideration in determining the amount and duration of alimony. See our “Alimony FAQ” page for information on this and other specific factors that may influence the outcome of your alimony negotiations or court decision.

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